It’s official…I saw my first glimpse of roadside bluebonnets today! Our long, brutal, two weeks of winter (insert sarcasm) seems to have come to an end and spring has sprung. With that, comes HRP spring mini sessions! I’m offering a few different options this year. I will have two weeknight dates dedicated strictly for bluebonnets. One location will be in the Fort Worth area and the other will be held in Grapevine. I am also offering one weekend date for an outdoor spring mini. For lack of a better description…non-bluebonnet:)

The sessions will be 20 mins long and will include a credit for 4 digital files. An online gallery for additional product and digital purchases will be made available.

Bluebonnet sessions will be held Tuesday, April 11th (Fort Worth) and Thursday, April 13th (Grapevine) from 5:40-7:20.

Non-bluebonnet session will be held Saturday, April 8th (Fort Worth) 5:40-7:20. For any early risers, I’ll also offer a couple sunrise sessions on the 8th. If you’re interested in that, let me know! You will NOT regret setting the early morning alarm. The Texas spring sunrise is hard to beat:)

If you would like to book a spot, shoot me an email!

*$50 deposit required to secure your day/time*

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It’s the new year and time for HRP’s first set of mini sessions! Valentine minis are officially open for booking! I will have a small prop/banner backdrop setup including some yummy treats for your little sweets:)I’m not big on lots of props and fuss, so we will also have the simple, classic backdrop of my natural light studio.  Here are all the details…

modern-mini-sessionP I N I T

If you would like to add on the entire gallery of digital files, you can do so for an additional $100.

To book your spot, shoot me an email at

*$50 deposit to secure your specific time*


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It always feels a little wrong to discuss anything fall/holiday when it’s still 105 degrees out. But alas, we live in Texas and my schedule starts to get a little crazy come the end of summer! So, with that being said…fall mini sessions are officially open for booking!

I will be doing two dates, one with AM and PM slots and one with only PM.

Saturday, Oct. 8th 7:20-9:20AM  &  4:40-6:40PM

Sunday, Nov. 6th 3:00-5:00PM

I’ve got a couple spots that I’m deciding between so the exact locations is TBD. They will definitely be in the Fort Worth area and will have a field-ish vibe.

This year I will also be offering two different packages. If you are only needing a few images for a holiday card, the standard $250 will include your session and a credit for 4 digital files. If you know you will have trouble choosing only 4 favorites, $350 will include the session and all the digital files. A typical mini session gallery will consist of approximately 20 images.

If you have any questions or would like to book, shoot me an email. These go QUICK every year, so if you know you want a spot email ASAP!

I’m looking forward to my FIFTH successful year of fall mini sessions!

*$50 deposit is required to secure your desired session time*

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On the eve of my 35th birthday, I figured I would post the pictures from sweet baby Millie’s 1st birthday morning! This will be short and sweet…simply because I lack the energy to put too much more into it:)

This teensy little diva has brought joy and love into our family that I didn’t even know existed. She’s a feisty little thing but that snaggle tooth grin can melt the coldest of hearts. We love you Emilia Ann and I couldn’t think of a better miniature human to share my birthday month with!

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Let me preface this post with a little background information into casa de Roebuck. For those of you who don’t know me personally, we moved from our first home last May. Our old house was full of charm. It was the cutest little 1940’s house and I loved it! We had awesome big windows with some killer natural light. Our new place was bought with construction and renovations on the horizon. I was snapping away at the littlest Roebuck the other day, as she dismantled the “kid approved drawer.” I thought to myself, it’s time I came clean. So, here I go…

My house has HORRID natural light…but I cheat!

I often hear from friends/clients that they just don’t have great light at home. Well guess what, sometimes we just don’t get the charming 1940’s house with big ol’ windows and killer natural light. So we need to improvise! My biggest tip for those of us that suffer from this travesty known as lack-o-light-itis, is to learn your house. No matter how light challenged your home is, there are ALWAYS nooks and spots throughout the day where you can capture awesome shots of your little ones. You just need to look to the light! The great thing about lifestyle photography is that it’s REAL life. I have learned that my kitchen is a favorite spot to capture my kiddos. Would I want to do a family portrait in here? Nope. But I love capturing my oldest helping me cook, my middle helping wash dishes, or the littlest wreak havoc on the tupperware drawer. That’s what we do. It’s our element and I love capturing those moments. Now onto the cheating part…our kitchen has two small windows which face north, so  there really isn’t a time where I get great light in there. BUT if I open the back door (which faces W), voila! I can sit/stand anywhere in the kitchen (even directly in the doorway) and I’m able to get exactly what I want with the perfect amount of light:)

Until the day comes that we bust out a few walls and get this joint to where we want it, I make do with what we have. I’m not going to let the “downfalls” of our home prevent me from capturing memories with my little ones. So, bust out those cameras, look to the light ( no matter how unconventional it is or how you get it), and start snapping away!

IMG_3052P I N I T

IMG_5570P I N I T
This one’s mobility has created a new problem. Every time I pop open that door she makes a break for it. Now to figure out a remedy for THAT!

IMG_8283P I N I T IMG_8266P I N I T
IMG_8288P I N I T

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